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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I received the below letter with a request to share it with the community. Harbor Hills truly is a special place.


A neighbor and friend was recently in need of help in getting transported from here to various treatment appointments. I was fortunate to discover her need and knew, "together" we could solve her problem. Everyone responded with joy and pleasure to resolve this dilemma. Together, we provided twelve consecutive days of transportation for treatment, with four more to be completed by the 9th of July.

This was a wonderful experience for all involved, especially the recipient who has now "caught up" on the latest HH News and renewed old friendships, even finding someone new.

The best of it all is that her treatment has had a positive result. Thank You, to those who made the effort and also to those who waited in "stand-by" as the need developed.

The "victim" is worried about showing her gratitude, however I reminded her that each act is considered a "corporal work of mercy" and all who participated have received a special Blessing for their involvment.

God Bless All.