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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Are you a veteran?

Do you know what benefits you are entitled to and where to go to get them?

Many veterans are entitled to receive benefits for their service and sacrifice to their nation, regardless of the amount of time they spent in the military. Your benefits are available not only from the U.S. Government, but many States also offer additional tax, education, and other benefits that you may not be aware exist. Such benefits can take many forms, including Health Care, Financial, Education, Insurance, Jobs, Vocational Training, Housing, Disability, Burial, and Assistance to Homeless Veterans, Assistance is also available to you from many sources, including County Service Officers in each state, as well as National Service Officers funded and provided by the many Veteran Service Organizations. Often these offices are collocated with the major VA Medical Centers or within you local county executive offices. These Service Officers will sit down with you and help you to apply for your entitlements.

Remember – Until you ask, the answer is always NO! To help you understand better what benefits you are entitled to and where to go to get them, there are a wide variety of resources available on the internet. The following are but a few of the many resources available to you. Do yourself a favor and learn about your entitlements:

National Veteran’s Resource Directory: https://www.nationalresourcedirectory.gov/
A-Z Veterans’ Benefits Guide: http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/benefits/
National Center for PTSD: http://www.ptsd.va.gov/
How to Obtain Your Military Records: http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/
State Veterans’ Benefits Directory: http://www.military.com/benefits/veteran-benefits/state-veterans-benefits-directory