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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Double Pane Low E Windows are included on all new homes at Harbor Hills

Low E Windows are a standard feature on all new homes at Harbor Hills Country Club. In the Florida climate UV rays and and heat can be oppressive and put a heavy burden on air conditioning systems. E stands for emissivity. The low E glass reflects heat back to its source. It does this by utilizing an ultra thin metallic coating on or in the glass. UV or ultraviolet light causes damage to your skin, wood, fabrics, and causes colors to fade. Infrared light (IR) is basically heat. So the Low E glass allows the visible light to pass into the home while blocking a certain amount of UV and IR light.

The infrared light in sunlight is powerful. When it strikes an object it heats it up. These objects can be your tile floors, furniture, sidewalks, patio furniture, etc. As these objects cool off, they emit a low powered form of IR light. Low E glass reflects this form of energy. In the summer this helps to keep your house cooler, as the heat from objects outside is kept outside. In the winter, all objects in your home are heated (by either the sun or your furnace). This heat is also bounced back into your house by the low E glass.

While the cost can seem prohibitive to many homebuilders we feel that it is the right thing to do to ensure the best quality for our homeowners. Not only will it protect our homeowners furniture, carpet, drapes, etc but it will also ensure that energy bills are moderate.