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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The American dream of owning a home is far from dead

Buy a New Home Today & Save Thousands for all your Tomorrow’s

It bears repeating “The American dream of owning a home is far from dead.” There is no better time to buy a new home than TODAY. Mortgages rates are at multi year lows. Prices have been reduced, in some cases, to pre 2000.

So, imagine going to your favorite department store and seeing everything on sale. Or, think of going to your Local Car Dealer and seeing prices lower than they have been in years. You wouldn’t want to miss out on those huge savings. Well, this is today’s housing market and the Dream of Home Ownership is very much alive. Home ownership has been the housing choice for the majority of US households since WWII. While home prices, locations and types may have changed over the years, the quest to own a home has continued to grow for nearly 65 years. The social benefits and financial security through home equity are only a few of the driving factors that keep the American dream of home ownership alive.

It is almost impossible to pick the exact bottom or top of any market; or when it’s going to get better. Still, we do know that people buy houses based on Curb appeal, and we at Harbor Hills are doing the very best we can to keep our Curb Appeal of our community at the top of the Bell curve.

Curb Appeal not only includes the aesthetics of the homes in our community, such as architectural style and the related accessories of trim, windows, shutters, landscaping, paint and greenery. It also include the aesthetics of the community such as Golf courses, Country Club, Tennis courts, common areas, roadways, gate houses and access control. Communities like Harbor Hills that offer Excellent Community Aesthetics will appreciate faster than other communities here in Central Florida because we offer the entire package. Harbor Hills is the premier gated community in Central Florida; taking excellent care of its common areas as well as ensuring the quality and appeal of the homes in the community. As you drive through are community; you soon realize it is second to none.

We feel that now is an excellent time to take advantage of lower new home costs, generated due to lower costs in labor and material, and low interest rates that make for more affordable mortgages.
New homes in our BellaVista section feature updated state of the art designs. We have revised our Toscano and Arrezzo plans and “Green Features”; which should reduce energy costs by 50 percent when compared to the energy costs of an older pre-owned home, and simultaneously improve the health of our environment. Some of these features include: spray foam insulation, double pane insulated windows, energy star appliances where applicable, higher S.E.E.R air conditioning systems and ventilated soffits.

We are excited to be in the process of starting two new Homes in Bella Vista; a brand new Four bedroom model and an enlarged “Toscano II”. We are also in the process of permitting our Brand New Low Maintenance Luxury Villas recently approved for Harbor Hills. In our opinion, Builders must provide compelling reasons to buy their homes. So, all these new homes are being built with the latest’s innovations.
Every member of the Harbor Hills team is committed to customer satisfaction and quality of workmanship. Building a new home or is a journey that without the right guidance can become riddled with stress & runaway budgets. There are so many different products and styles available, that too often buyers feel overwhelmed with choices. Our team helps guide buyers through this process in a way that makes them confident and comfortable with their selections.

The goal of the Harbor Hills team is to provide you with the best practices in design, construction and the best building products being offered today. Guiding this process are Harbor Hills’ four most important principals; communication, organization, personal attention & integrity. Our customers are our best references. Schedule a tour of the Harbor Hills community and you will have the opportunity to speak with our customers, visit their homes and see for yourself; the value of building a Harbor Hills homes.

For information on how Our Team can help you build your Dream Home stop by our Real Estate Information Center in our Clubhouse or call us at 1-800-822-5558 or email us at harborhillssalesinfo@harborhills.com