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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Harbor Hills Men's Match Play Club Championship Tournament

It is that time of year again, so get ready to tee off with some old... or perhaps new rivals at this year's Annual Men's Match Play Club Championship. Members should sign up in the Harbor Hills Pro Shop by June 14th to play in this years tournament. Harbor Hills Golf Pro Brady Godfrey has provided the following tournament details.

Date Ranges ................Event .............Completion required date

June 16-July 8 ----------------First Round--------------- July 8
July 9- July 21---------------- Second Round ------------ July 21
July 22- July 27 --------------Third Round-------------- July 27
July 28 ------------------------ Championship ---------- End-1:00 p.m.
  • Handicaps remain the same for each player throughout entire Tournament. (June 15 revision-current index)
  • Handicaps will be seventy-five percent.
  • All players will play their normal MGA tees: blue, white & silver.
  • Flights will be determined by tee selection (Blue & white together) ( Separate flight for Silvers)
  • Play will be off low handicap player of match, the other receiving the full difference of strokes as they fall on the card.
  • Ties- USGA recommends playoff start on the hole where match began.
  • Handicap strokes should be allowed as in the presented round.
  • Brackets will be posted and available June 15th 2010.

$10 tournament fee to be charged to each player's club account.

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