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Monday, April 12, 2010

Harbor Hills Golf Pro Brady Godfrey With Tip of the Month

Putting has been acknowledged as "a game within a game," and it is a great equalizer in a game that would otherwise be dominated by the strong and mechanical. If you don't putt well, you don't play well.

There is an old adage that states, "The best way to putt is the way you putt best." Putting is unique in that it is individual and there are many varied styles, however all good putters apply the following technique:

Use An Accelerating Stroke:
A lot of pressure putts are missed because the player decelerates through the ball, resulting in a weak stroke that barely has a chance of making it to the hole, let along going in. If you are victimized by this, concentrate on one thing the next time you face an especially important putt:

Keep both hands moving smoothly through the ball and down the target line on the forward stroke. In doing so, you will make a more confident pass at it and will at least give the putt a chance of going in by getting it up to the hole.

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