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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Take blogging to the next level..

Blogging has changed both the type and timeliness of information we receive. It is now playing a major part in the delivery of news, business communication, and everyday life. Many moons ago in March we posted a “how to” article on blogging:

Since that time we have posted dozens of photos and articles on our blog about Harbor Hills and have had an overwhelmingly positive response to this new form of communication.

At the end of the article we promised to educate our customers on “another really technical term” RSS or Really Simple Syndication. Well now it is time for us to elaborate.

Unless you are familiar with this term, you probably have been visiting our blog like an ordinary website. You enter in the address, http://harborhills.blogspot.com or click on the link from our website www.harborhills.com and away you go. Blogging was actually created to be even simpler. Blogs can be read in a blog reader, (a.k.a. aggregator, RSS reader). Blog Readers allow you to receive customized news and information when you want and as fast as it can be created. Some popular blog readers are www.bloglines.com and http://my.yahoo.com . Information posted to a blog is retrieved for your viewing without having to type in the blog’s address or clicking on a link. It makes it quite simple to be alerted when there is a new posting on a blog that you subscribe to and to read many blogs at 1 time.

You may have noticed some links on the right to My Yahoo, News Gator, and Bloglines. Clicking on these links adds the Harbor Hills blog to your blog reader.

Clicking on the subscribe to Bloglines link will bring you to the bloglines website and ask for a username and password. Since this is your first time here, you will need to register an account with them. Once you are registered it will add the Harbor Hills blog to your bloglines. This means that when you open up bloglines you will see recent postings from the Harbor Hills blog as well as information from various other sources of your choosing.

If you are already a Yahoo subscriber you can simply click on the My Yahoo link and the Harbor Hills blog will be added to you’re http://my.yahoo.com This means that when you goto http://my.yahoo.com you will see recent postings from the Harbor Hills blog as well as information from various other sources of your choosing. If you are not a Yahoo subscriber Yahoo will ask you to become one.

Take your blog reading to the next step and it give it a try!

It just so happens that 1 of our favorite blogs (Seth Godin's Marketing Blog) which we read daily posted a similar article on blogging today. You can click on the link below to read it. You can even add it as your daily feed. That will make 2 and you are off and running.