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Monday, May 23, 2005

The New Faces of Harbor Hills

Several of us here at Harbor Hills have been in touch with those of you who are in the process of planning your move to Harbor Hills and we have found that you are an interesting group of people with wonderful stories to tell. We thought it might be nice if you told them to each other!

If you would like to help us with this fun project (it is entirely voluntary!), you can e-mail the following information to mhuey@harborhills.com. It would be even more fun if you would send or e-mail a photo (also entirely optional!).

NAME ________________________________________________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS_______________________ CHECK IF THIS MAY BE SHARED ____
WE ARE ORIGINALLY FROM _______________________________________
WE NOW LIVE IN _______________________________________________

OUR FORMER OR CURRENT OCCUPATION(S) ________________________________________________
WE ENJOY THE BEST THING ABOUT HARBOR HILLS _________________________________________________
WHAT WE HOPE TO FIND WHEN WE MOVE TO HARBOR HILLS _________________________________________________
We will then compile the information in a fun format and share it with you on the blog so that you will know a little bit about your future neighbors.